Telist Pro

Telist Pro 6.0.31

Professional address book software (PIM) where you can save phone numbers, emails, anniversary, etc.

Save phone numbers, emails, anniversary, etc. with a user-friendly but advanced phone book

Telist is easy-to-use software that lets you save contacts and information in one convenient location. You can save telephone, fax, and cell phone numbers, email addresses, important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, even your favorite photos.

Most important features:

- Notifies you about tasks, anniversaries and new e-mail messages

- Create notes on desktop

- Local or Network Database access

- Automatic data encryption

- Users and Groups Management

- Integration with Browser, Email program, MSN Messenger and Skype

- Chat and Instant Messaging over network

- Search by all fields

- Print in memo or list style as well as envelopes

- Import contacts from previous versions of Telist / Export to .doc .xls and .txt

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Telist Pro


Telist Pro 6.0.31

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